How To Download Fortnite on PC, Mac, Xbox and PS4?

Fortnite video game has taken the gaming industry by the storm with massive spike in downloads and huge user interaction for the game across the globe. The game became an instant hit and with the addition of “Battle Royale” the popularity and the downloads of the game increased significantly. If you are a gaming enthusiast then this dynamic 3D game can be downloaded on various platforms using some basic steps. 

Downloading Fortnite on Different Systems and Platforms

The Fortnite game can be downloaded on different systems and consoles such as Mac, PC, Xbox and the PS4. First we will discuss how to download the game on PC or Mac. 

Downloading the game on Windows or Mac – If you want to download Fortnite on Mac or PC, you can just go to the official website of Epic Games. However before you go ahead and proceed with the download you must have an account on Epic games using either an Email or one of the social networking accounts. If you are a user on Mac OS X Yosemite then you need to update to the version 10 or later so that the launcher can run successfully. For the correct download and the installation you must follow these steps:

You must launch the internet browser, Safari for Mac and Google Chrome or Firefox or Explorer for other operating systems. Then type this link in the search box of the browser and click go or hit enter. Once you load the website you must go to the link for download which is provided there at the left side on the bottom of the page. Here you will be asked to sign into your account or if you don’t have an existing account then you will need to create the new account. You can even choose to sign in with one of the social network account such as Google or Facebook. 

Once you have signed in you will be asked to verify the account to establish that you are not a bot. Now download the launcher of Epic games and open the launcher, sign in with your account and go to Fortnite link for installation. When the installation is done you can launch the game.

Downloading the game on Xbox – If you are on Xbox just go to the search bar and type in Fortnite and the auto-suggestion will provide you with the relevant links for the game. Select the one that you want to download and click install. It will take some time for installation but once it is done you are good to go.

Downloading the game on PS4 – If you are on PS4 then just go to the Playstation store and type in Fortnite in the search bar. When the page for the game loads, just click on install. This will begin the downloading and installation process. You can also check the progress of download from the notification bar. Once it has been downloaded you can enjoy the game. 

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